Annette, called Nettan, grew up on a farm, Östra Hoka, in Sweden with a Gotland pony (Viking pony), a Welsh pony, Swedish warmbloods and Standardbreds. The riding was for fun and with some western, dressage and showjumping competitions with the ponies.  
When the whole family moved to Minnesota, US, Nettan, only 11 years old, had to ride her mother’s Swedish dressage horse, Carmen (by Cavalotti-Duell). Western riding was the big sport in that area. Carmen was not suited for that so shows were few and far between. However, Carmen was a good teacher and Nettan learned a lot, especially the basics of dressage.
After a few years in the states the family moved back to the farm in Sweden. At that time Jan-Olof Odervall was breeding Swedish warmbloods on the farm and the stables were full of young stallions. Nettan spent most of her time working in the stable and riding the young horses.
After high school Nettan did some traveling and working for other riders before coming back to the farm and seriously training and competing with homebred horses.  A large mare, Fliza (by Zeppelin-Feliciano-Crown Point xx) became the horse that took a young rider with little experience of competition up through the classes to 1,35 in showjumping.
Through the years she has learned from many good trainers among others, Jan-Olof Odervall, Björne Carlsson, Per Waaler, Eamon Hickey, Piet Raijmakers and Albert Vorn.
The interest in breeding continues and today the farm has four broodmares. The goal has been to bring up durable, mentally stable sport horses of high quality.
Lately, Nettan has found a strong interest in equine physio therapy and all its aspects, especially The Masterson Method. The Masterson Method is a method for finding stiff and sore areas and release tension in the horse. In 2013 Nettan finished her courses in England and became a certified practitioner.
Wanting more knowledge in the that area, she started studying at The UPH school in Älvsered, Sweden, to become a consultant in preventative health care for horses.
That included a diploma in Genuine Swedish massage (deep tissue sports massage) in both horses and humans, certified Equipment coach, courses in equine anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, ethology, training physiology, pathology and riders impact on the horse. Also courses in shock wave, electro therapy and laser therapy.
“No puzzle is complete without every piece perfectly in place”